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During the Lockdown in 2020 I, as I imagine many people were doing, was looking around for something to pass the time. My search led me to subscription boxes. I have always loved baking, baking fairy cakes and apple crumble when I was wee and as I grew older creating more complicated cake designs with modelling and piping.


Because of this love, I was looking for a baking subscription box. But those that I found were mostly of the box mix variety; where they post out weighed ingredients for a specific recipe each month. I'm sure this is exactly what some people are looking for, but it wasn't what I wanted. I already had ingredients like flour, sugar and cacao in the cupboard, I didn't need it posted to me. Instead I wanted recipes and the equipment to create them. I wanted biscuit cutters and embossing sheets, modelling tools and piping bags. Because I couldn't find such a baking subscription box, I decided to start one.


This is my first business venture, I recently graduated from university with a degree in business so really I ought to make some use of it! I am really excited to see where this may go, and see if others are interested in my baking subscription box. Currently Bake A Day Of It is only available in the UK, but who knows what the future may hold. 

As a one person business, I develop, bake, photograph and write all of the recipes, make all social media posts and do everything else the business involves. If you have any questions or comments (or would like to show me your bakes!) I would love to hear from you. Just email me at

So whether you're brand new to baking, a curious beginner or a life long baking lover, I hope you too Bake A Day Of It. 


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