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Bake A Day Of It

with new recipes and treats through your door each season

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Order The Spring
Baking Box

Start building your collection of Bake A Day Of It recipes with the spring baking box! 

Whether you've never baked before or you love to bake, Bake A Day Of It baking boxes are a great way to get baking!


Bake A Day Of It believes in enjoying a day of baking. It's a fun pastime, and you end up with something yummy to eat too!

That's why I created this baking subscription box. Rather than posting you lots of ingredients like flour that you probably already have at home, I want you to be able to bake my specially created recipes over and over using the equipment you'll find in your subscription box.

So subscribe or buy a box today to get baking with me!

Colourful Empire Biscuits with Jelly Sweets

The Process

Wondering how it works? Every season I'll have a new baking box for you to enjoy. Every 3 months I create a new baking box, with boxes in March, June, September and December. 

You can subscribe to receive a new box every 3 months, or if you prefer you can choose to purchase a box once off instead. But stock is limited and priority is given to subscribers so be aware that you might miss out. I also have gift subscription options too.

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The Pricing Plans

I wanted to keep the pricing plans simple, so I did!

The subscription for the Bake A Day Of It Box is £13 a box plus delivery. 
Or you can buy the box once off for £15.




One Off Purchase

For You Or As A Gift

Know a baking enthusiast who would love a Bake A Day Of it Box?

A baking subscription box can make a great gift for a baker.


And I'll post it directly to them with a message from you!

There are gift subscription options for 1, 2, 3 or 4 boxes. You pick the start date so that the first box arrives at that special time, such as their birthday, anniversary or just time for a treat.


My sister bought me a year’s subscription and what a lovely surprise to receive my box every month! Original and yummy recipes with cookie cutters and other equipment so I can go ahead and bake unusual and impressive cakes and biscuits. Great to have this arrive well packaged every month, can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Denise, Cardiff

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