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How To Fix Blurry Instagram Photos

In this blog I will go through how I fixed my blurry Instagram photos. This is also how you can post to Instagram from your computer rather than having to use your phone.

When I started Bake A Day Of It I had to start using social media platforms that I hadn't used before. I really only had Facebook. But Instagram is really the main one I use for posting my bakes and I quickly noticed a problem. Though I uploaded 1080x1080 pictures that on feeds looked perfectly clear, when they were minimised in the grid on my page they looked fuzzy and unclear. Now this is an issue as your grid looking the best it can is an important part of your Instagram aesthetic and so your brand. And so I started to look into how I could fix it, but first I had to find out why it was happening.

I considered multiple reasons. I thought at first it was because after editing my photos on Canva and then downloading them onto my computer, I would email them to myself to access them on my phone to post it to Instagram from there. I thought that maybe the quality was being effected by the image being compressed to be emailed. But I checked and this wasn't affecting the image. So I considered instead the device I was posting to Instagram from.

So I think it was because I was posting from an android phone. It appears that Instagram is a bit biased towards Apple when it comes to posting. I do also find it a little weird that you can't post from an internet browser without taking the steps I'm going to walk you through below. Maybe they will allow that in the future, but for now I found a way round the blurry minimised photos problem and its really easy!

On Microsoft Edge

Log into Instagram on your computer. Right click on the page and select 'Inspect Element'. This will open the DevTools. The first tab, 'Elements', will likely open. This one does look complicated if you, like me, don't know anything about html and coding. But don't worry, you don't need to touch anything on this tab. Click instead onto the 'Emulation' tab. Next to 'Device' the drop down menu should be on 'Default'. If you click on this menu you should see multiple options of phones. Select an iPhone option. For example I can choose between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Once you select this, your browser tab with Instagram open should change to look like a phone screen. From there you can use it like you would on your phone. Your posts should now be perfectly clear. When you close the browser tab, you will no longer be emulating an iPhone so there's no need to change it back.

On Google Chrome

Log into Instagram on your computer. Right click on the page and select 'Inspect'. This will open the DevTools. Again, some scary looking to the non-coders like me code will appear, you can ignore this. In the top left corner you should see an icon that looks like a phone next to tablet. Click this and it should turn blue.

Your Instagram should now look like a phone screen. Don't close the DevTools. At the top of your screen above your Instagram page there is a drop down menu to choose what phone you are emulating. Select an iPhone devise. If you can't see the posting option on the bottom ribbon of your Instagram then refresh the page. It should then be visible. Post as you would from your phone and your pictures should be clear. When you close the DevTools your page will revert to a normal web browser.

I also noticed that my older photos after about a fortnight or so were also no longer blurry. I don't know why this is. Maybe Instagram after a while can read the pictures better? Whatever the reason is, it means that if you change to posting by the method above, you don't have to worry about previous photos being out of place and burry.

And so there you go. That's how I fixed my problem with blurry Instagram photos. I hope if you have had a similar problem then this solution also works for you. If anything has been unclear or you have any suggestions for other solutions then please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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