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How To Make Icing Snowdrops

Snowdrops are such beautiful winter flowers and they make great decorations for a sophisticated looking cake. They are a fairly easy icing flower to make, all you need is a freesia cutter, rolling pin and cocktail stick. You can make the flowers out of regal (roll out) icing, but be careful as they will be delicate. Flower, modelling and petal paste can all also be used to make sturdier flowers that will stand up on their own without needing to be pressed into the side of the cake (although these icings tends to be more expensive). I make a few more flowers than I intend to use just so I have a few extra if I break a couple. Written instructions below will take you through the steps for creating icing snowdrops, or watch my video for a demonstration.

These snowdrops were created to decorate the coconut cake in the Bake A Day Of It January 2021 baking box.

How To Make Icing Snowdrops Step By Step

  1. Form 1cm tall solid cones from white icing and attach green icing disks to the cone bottoms.

  2. Hollow out the cones from the base using a cocktail stick.

  3. Make four indentations on the rim of the cone and flatten to create four petals.

  4. Roll out some white icing thinly and using the cutter cut out the outer snowdrop petals.

  5. With a tiny dap of water, attach the outer petals to the cone petals.

  6. Roll green icing into stems. Add a little ball of green icing to the top of the stem where it will meet the flower head.

  7. Roll out more green icing flat and cut elongated pointed shapes and wrap around the stems as leaves with tops folded back.

  8. Attach the stems and flowers to the cake by pushing into the icing. Use a little leftover icing if the cake has set.

  9. From more rolled out green icing, cut out long leaf shapes and attach at the base of each flower.

And that's all there is to it! I found these flowers to be an easy and fun project, and I hope that you do too. If you have any questions then let me know below. Happy baking :)

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